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Professional DJ on the Scottish music scene.

Young American Primitive (real name Greg Scanavino) was an American producer from the early 90s house scene. This 1992 12″ on the ZoëMagik label includes three groundbreaking tracks, ‘Young American Primitive’, ‘These Waves’ (notable for it’s appearance on the Digweed & Sasha seminal Northern Exposure mix and the melodic downtempo ‘Over and Out’.

The first half of the six minute track features enough builds, samples (taken from the film ‘Flight To Mars‘)  and synth stabs to secure the listener’s interest before progressing with the main theme of the track. The final voice sampling is Dennis Hopper from the film Apocalypse Now.

At approaching thirty years old, this track stands as a fine example of just what could be produced using very early digital production tools.

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